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Diploma thesis by Dario Lindes

Logopedic-myofunctional therapy for ronchopathy, as PDF in german.

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Your Questions, Dario’s Answers.

What exactly does a logpedic therapist do?   We handle all impediments involving speaking and language, communication and its deviations, as…


SnoreFree App Review May 2022

by Daria Sauline –  May 20, 2022 Nowadays an extended number of people suffer from snore issues. Do you want to eliminate sn…


Exceptionally quiet at night

Interview by Sanne Stria, SLP & speech trainer at in German. Snoring – Phew! This nighttime disturbance is…

Press Best for Sleep Apnea and Snoring: SnoreFree

Attention, snorers: Did you know there are certain mouth and throat exercises that improve nighttime breathing? According to a June 2020 stu…

Press The enemy in your own bed?

The night is anything but quiet for many people who share a bed with a snoring partner. If your night’s rest is suffering because your…

Press / Science

Do women really snore less than men?

Thinking of snoring, the first idea is “only men do this” – but is that true? Why is snoring such a taboo among women? Wom…


Press info: For more harmony in the bedroom

SnoreFree® Health App – Training instead of surgery Snoring is not a harmless thing and affects both sexes and all age groups. Especia…


Press info: Christmas season in snoring mode

According to Google Trends, the search term “snoring” peaks worldwide around the Christmas holidays. During the holidays, when t…

Press Yes, snoring can be trained away with special exercises

At Christmas, people snore significantly more than the rest of the year and Google searches for “snoring” literally explode duri…

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Free online Consultation

Due to numerous requests, SnoreFree offers now the opportunity to consult the co-founder of the SnoreFree Dario, FREE of charge for an onlin…

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OSA Risk of COVID-19 Infection & Hospitalization

OSA patients have 4 times the risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 infection, and the risk of infection increases 8-fold, according to a stu…

Press / Science / Snoring facts

Snorers are at greater risk

than overweight, smokers or people with high cholesterol. Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have found that snorers are at great…

Press This app is supposed to train away snoring

Snoring affects 2.5 billion people worldwide. Snoring noises impair the quality of sleep and thus health – but above all, snoring can …

Press A thing exclusively for snoring noses

It is highly unpleasant for the person next to you in bed. But for the sufferers themselves, it is detrimental to their health: snoring. Sig…

Press / Science / Snoring facts

How snoring affects everyday life

Snoring is not a harmless thing, it affects both sexes and all ages. The sleep of the partner is disturbed by it, and snoring can also be a …


DOT.magazine 057: Sweet dreams are made of this

SnoreFree – the first health app with logopedic anti-snoring video training ensures restful sleep and harmony in the bedroom under the…

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