Press info: Christmas season in snoring mode

According to Google Trends, the search term “snoring” peaks worldwide around the Christmas holidays. During the holidays, when the whole family gets together and there is a lot of eating and drinking, many fear, not without good reason, for their peaceful sleep. This means high season for the Viennese e-health startup Snorefree. Snorefree is the first digital anti-snoring therapy that leads to silent success for over 80% of its users and has been developed in the office of speech therapist and co-founder Dario Lindes since 2007.

Snoring is not something people like to talk about, yet it is an extremely common problem and affects about 25% of all women, 40% of all men and even 15% of all children – a total of about 2.5 billion people worldwide.

The most common cause of snoring is sagging throat and pharyngeal tissues, which is given extra support by a number of key factors, especially during the festive season. For example, excessive eating, drinking, smoking, little exercise and lack of sleep undoubtedly lead to restless nights and a clustered Google query for the term “snoring.”


SnoreFree cannot make its users snore-free overnight, but it can reduce the annoying snoring sounds with just a few units. This is because SnoreFree is the first app in the world to offer a specially developed logopedic video workout that specifically strengthens the muscles in the throat, pharynx and mouth area.

All exercises are explained in detail and can be played on the smartphone and practiced by the user at any time. A special algorithm compiles a personalized training program for the user and thus supports success. Thus, SnoreFree provides rapid, painless relief to the complete elimination of snoring sounds.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android in German & English. The free trial version offers four exercises to get to know for free and without obligation.

“Especially at Christmas time, when the whole family gets together and there is a lot of eating and drinking, snoring is an unpleasant topic for both the snorer himself and his loved ones,” says Sigismund Gänger, former snoring patient and founder and CEO of SnoreFree.

“With our app, we have compactly summarized the learnings from a decade of practice by Dario Lindes. His method achieves a marked improvement in sleep quality and significant reduction in snoring in 80% of his patients. Now you can apply it yourself anytime, anywhere.” – Dario Lindes & Sigismund Gänger

The e-health startup snorefree was founded in 2018 by Sigismund Gänger from Vienna and Dario Lindes, a native of Graz and a speech therapist. The innovative logopedic anti-snoring therapy, developed by Dario Lindes since 2007, provides rapid and painless relief in 80% of cases and can lead to the complete elimination of snoring sounds.

December 5, 2020