The SnoreFree UtilityPack

For some of the SnoreFree exercises you need one or the other aid. A few of them, such as a cork or a straw, are quickly at hand. Others are a bit more difficult to obtain. To make your training success easier, we have compiled the most important of them in a practical package.

All tools for your SnoreFree workout in a practical package. Contains 12 different utilities, over 100 pieces in total.

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The SnoreFree UtilityPack contains

1 bamboo smartphone stand
3 organic corks
5 wooden spatula
5 balloons
10 cotton swabs
10 latex tongue rubber rings 
5 drinking straws thin, 21 cm, ø 3 mm inside
5 drinking straws normal, 25 cm, ø 5 mm inside
2 x 30 cm suction hose thin – ø 0.3 mm inside
2 x 30 cm suction hose medium – ø 0,9 mm inside
2 x 10 cm suction hose thick – ø 8 mm inside
30 wafers white, ø 40 mm
50 confetti wafers coloured, small, ø 14 mm

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