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SnoreFree® Health App – Training instead of surgery

Snoring is not a harmless thing and affects both sexes and all age groups. Especially in corona time, when many people are at home 24/7 with their partner, snoring can lead to unpleasant arguments. SnoreFree, has made the very effective and proven by studies anti-snoring workout of the Viennese speech therapist Dario Lindes available in an app digitally in German and English. With only 10 minutes of workout a day, the anti-snoring gymnastics for throat and tongue provides a significant reduction to the complete disappearance of snoring sounds. The 2.0. update for iOS and Android with new exercises, tips and tricks as well as the UtilityPack are available now. The first 6 exercises can be tested for free. Snoring is not something people like to talk about, yet it affects about 25% of all women, 40% of all men and even 10% of all children. In total, two billion people worldwide are directly affected and five hundred million indirectly. 60% of all snoring men and 50% of all snoring women are loud snorers which leads to a loss of two or more hours of sleep per night for indirectly affected partners.

Snoring is not a harmless thing. Not only does it often deprive the partner of sleep, but for the snorer himself, the annoying noise – if snoring also causes breathing pauses – can be a cause of health problems, such as chronic daytime sleepiness, microsleep, lack of concentration, loss of performance and in the case of OSA (sleep apnea) even heart attacks and strokes. SnoreFree® makes sleep much more restful and thereby also improves daily life, since deep and healthy sleep is an important prerequisite for more quality of life, productivity and performance in everyday life, and not least harmony in the bedroom.

Why do we snore?

Snoring is almost always caused by muscular weakness in the throat and
throat. The tissues slacken and block the airway during sleep.
Sleep-related obstruction of the airway can be detected in three areas of the
● At the posterior palate, when the soft palate with the uvula,
the dangling tissue relaxes and vibrates during inhalation and exhalation.
● At the base of the tongue, when the tongue falls back into the throat and blocks the
Airway blockage.
● At the larynx, when the epiglottis-which is a covering of the larynx-is
closes the entrance to the lungs.

SnoreFree ® method

The SnoreFree ® method is a unique training program developed by the Viennese Viennese speech therapist, anti-snoring specialist and co-founder Dario Lindes.
and has been successfully practiced for more than 12 years. With over 80% of his patients experience a marked improvement in sleep quality after just a few weeks and a significant quality of sleep and a significant reduction in snoring noises. The muscular tissue weakness in the inner throat and pharynx, which leads to the soft tissues collapse during sleep and thereby obstructs the flow of breath, is the SnoreFree® method as in a voice training for singers and speakers. specifically strengthened. Studies and basic research can be found at

SnoreFree® App – the personal gym for lips, tongue and throat

The digital adaptation of the logopedic anti-snoring gymnastics does not treat the symptoms, but gets to the bottom of the causes of snoring.
SnoreFree® is the first app with a scientific background. With just 10 minutes of daily training, 80% of users notice a significant reduction in their snoring sounds after just one month.
snoring noises and a noticeable improvement in their sleep and quality of life.
The just released 2.0. version of the app contains 49 easy to understand exercises as well as many tips and tricks that are quickly learned via video training and the workout is divided into four 4 levels. The SnoreFree® algorithm provides the user an individual daily exercise program and guides him step by step through the training. step by step through the training. The training plan is tailored exactly to the needs of the the user’s needs and adapts gently, efficiently and precisely to the exercise
exercise behavior.


The e-health startup SnoreFree was founded in 2018 by Sigismund Gänger and speech therapist Dario Lindes. The innovative logopedic anti-snoring therapy, developed by Dario Lindes in his practice since 2007, provides rapid and painless relief in 80% of cases and can lead to the complete elimination of snoring noises.

December 5, 2020

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