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The 3 origin locations of Snoring

Snoring is usually caused by muscle weakness in the mouth and throat. The soft tissues collapse during sleep, obstructing the flow of breath…

Informations / Science / Snoring facts

Snoring is bad for health

The longer and louder a person snores, the greater the long-term risk of stroke. Snoring and sleep apnoea lead to high blood pressure and la…

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Your Questions, Dario’s Answers.

What exactly does a logpedic therapist do?   We handle all impediments involving speaking and language, communication and its deviations, as…

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Do women really snore less than men?

Thinking of snoring, the first idea is “only men do this” – but is that true? Why is snoring such a taboo among women? Wom…

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OSA Risk of COVID-19 Infection & Hospitalization

OSA patients have 4 times the risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 infection, and the risk of infection increases 8-fold, according to a stu…

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Snorers are at greater risk

than overweight, smokers or people with high cholesterol. Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have found that snorers are at great…

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Risk and danger of surgical snoring therapy

There is a huge amount of surgical efforts to treat snoring and sleep related breathing obstructions.Depending on the form and way of operat…

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The root cause of snoring

Why we snore. Snoring is almost always caused by muscular weakness in the neck and throat. The tissue slackens and blocks the airw…

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How snoring affects everyday life

Snoring is not a harmless thing, it affects both sexes and all ages. The sleep of the partner is disturbed by it, and snoring can also be a …

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How loud is snoring?

That’s how loud is snoring! Look it up in the Guinness Book of Records: over 111 decibels, which corresponds to the volume of a jet pl…

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Why are we actually dog-tired exactly when the sun finally laughs again and the flowers sprout? Nature awakens to new life – and we ju…

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