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Your personal anti-snore gym for lips, tongue and throat.

The SnoreFree® training has a well-founded, scientific background and can significantly increase sleep and life quality within a few weeks, improve pronunciation, strengthen the immune system and treat snoring painlessly and naturally.


49 easy video exercises

Our SnoreFree App includes a series of easy-to-understand speech therapy exercises that you learn via video training. Your daily personalized workout adapts gently, efficiently and precisely to you and your exercise behavior.


10 minutes daily workout

The SnoreFree method works on the root cause of snoring, the muscular tissue weakness in the inner throat and pharynx, so that the soft tissues do not collapse during sleep and hinder the flow of breath.


Scientific proven method

SnoreFree is the digital implementation of a very effective anti-snoring therapy, which was developed by the Viennese logotherapist Dario Lindes in over 12 years of practice.

Try 6 exercises for free

right now and convince yourself of the effectiveness of the SnoreFree method. True to our motto: Train instead of surgery.

Personalized Coaching

The SnoreFree method starts with getting to know and evaluating the exercises. Step by step the app accompanies you through the build-up program.

4-phase training plan

The SnoreFree algorithm adapts to the exercise behaviour and guides the user to optimal exercise success in four phases.

Tips & tricks

For restful and healthy sleep, our app contains several meditations and tips & tricks from the areas of nutrition, well-being, fitness, and much more.

The SnoreFree® method

The SnoreFree method is a unique training program developed by Viennese speech therapist Dario Lindes and has been successfully practiced for more than 12 years.

In more than 80% of the patients, a marked improvement in the quality of sleep as well as a significant reduction in snoring noises can be observed after only a few weeks.

Learn more about the SnoreFree method

The muscular tissue weakness in the inner throat and pharynx, which causes the soft tissues to collapse during sleep and thereby obstructs the flow of breath, is specifically strengthened by the SnoreFree method, as in voice training for singers and speakers.

The root causes of snoring

With only 10 minutes daily training

snoring can be significantly reduced and the quality of sleep can be noticeably improved. Like a fitness training, SnoreFree strengthens the muscle build-up specifically with sensory and motor exercises for mouth and throat.

Because deep and healthy sleep is an important factor for a better quality of life, better productivity and performance in everyday life, and last but not least, for harmony in the bedroom.

How snoring affects everyday life


Choosing the correct sleep position.

How do we sleep best, on the stomach (prone), on the back (supine), on the


Studien-Teilnehmer*innen gesucht

Sie schnarchen?Sie sind über dreißig?Dann suchen wir genau Sie. Gesucht werden Personen ab 30 Jahren,


Don’t drink and sleep!

How do alcohol and pharmaceuticals affect your sleep? Everyone has made the experience that alcohol


Owl or Lark?

🦉 Your free online consultation What kind of sleep type are you? Are you a


Letʾs talk about dreams.

Your next free online consultation: August 1, 2022, 8pm. “A dream itself is but a

News / Science

Do women really snore less than men?

Thinking of snoring, the first idea is “only men do this” – but is that


Nuevo en español – Major Update 2.0.17

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the Spanish language. 🇪🇸 🇨🇺 🇺🇲 🇲🇽


Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is when someone is suddenly more important to you than yourself. Impress your Love


Free online Consultation & Webinar

Due to numerous requests, SnoreFree offers now the opportunity to consult the inventor of the


OSA Risk of COVID-19 Infection & Hospitalization

OSA patients have 4 times the risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 infection, and the risk


Snorers are at greater risk

than overweight, smokers or people with high cholesterol. Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

Facts / Science

Your Questions, Dario’s Answers.

What is a logopedic therapist? What exactly does a logpedic therapist do?   A logopedic

News / Update

New update 2.0 is out!

The SnoreFree® App can be downloaded for free and offers 6 exercises free of charge.

Facts / Science

Risk and danger of surgical snoring therapy

There is a huge amount of surgical efforts to treat snoring and sleep related breathing

News / Update

New update is coming

The new SnoreFree update with amazing new features is about to be released very soon!What’s

Facts / Science

The root cause of snoring

Why we snore. Snoring is almost always caused by muscular weakness in the neck and throat. The

Tips & Tricks

Just as you make your bed, so you sleep in it.

Choosing the right bed is a complex matter. Our tips provide peace of mind. Back

Facts / Science

How snoring affects everyday life

Snoring is not a harmless thing, it affects both sexes and all ages. The sleep


The eye sleeps too!

Beautiful dreams: A calm atmosphere and the right colours around the bed help our sleep

Facts / Science / Tips & Tricks

How loud is snoring?

That’s how loud is snoring! Look it up in the Guinness Book of Records: over



Why are we actually dog-tired exactly when the sun finally laughs again and the flowers


Get outside!

One of the best tips against spring fatigue, but also against sleep disorders is almost

Tips & Tricks

Well and healthy sleep.

What promotes restful sleep is a science in itself. We are happy to help with

The SnoreFree UtilityPack

For some of the SnoreFree exercises you need one or the other aid. A few of them, such as a cork or a straw, are quickly at hand. Others are a bit more difficult to obtain. To make your training success easier, we have compiled the most important of them in a practical package.

All tools for your SnoreFree workout in a practical package. Contains 12 different utilities, over 100 pieces in total.

Get your UtilityPack now

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Get in touch.

Stay in touch.

For more harmony in the bedroom

Because deep and healthy sleep is an important condition for better quality of life, higher productivity and performance in everyday life, as well as for harmony in the bedroom.

Restfull and healthy Sleep

Short daily training with the SnoreFree App significantly reduces snoring and noticeably improves sleep quality. Sleep longer and refreshed, prevent sleep apnea and don’t get sleepy during the day anymore.

Avoid surgery and start training

Before you put yourself at the risk of a snoring surgery, try to train away your snoring naturally.


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