Woman.at: This app is supposed to train away snoring

Snoring affects 2.5 billion people worldwide. Snoring noises impair the quality of sleep and thus health – but above all, snoring can trigger real crises in relationships.

With the new health app “Snorefree”, which is now available for download, two Viennese (a former snorer and a speech therapist) want to put an end to snoring. What’s special about the app is that patients can train themselves to stop snoring using innovative video workouts.

How can snoring be stopped?

“The most common cause of snoring is due to slack throat and pharyngeal tissue,” explains Sigismund Gänger, co-founder of “Snorefree.” “This can be counteracted with a targeted workout.” As the first app worldwide, “Snorefree” offers specially developed logopedic video workouts that specifically strengthen the muscles in the throat, pharynx and mouth area. This was developed by speech therapist Dario Lindes. All exercises are explained in detail and can be streamed via smartphone or tablet and practiced by the user at any time. A four-stage, guided training plan supports the success of the user. Thus, the app provides quick, painless relief up to the complete elimination of snoring sounds.

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December 5, 2019

Everyone knows someone who snores

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