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To level up you have to rate each exercise.

You can use a finely pureed smoothie instead of the pudding, or even use baby food.

You can use the SnoreFree app completely free of charge and without obligation (but only limited). For this purpose, it is sufficient to click to close the subscription purchase page and you’re ready to get started at the free level.

You will also get the daily goodies (e.g. articles on the topic of healthy sleep, sleep meditations, explanation videos, etc.) played on your mobile for free after each workout.

However, as we have invested a substantial amount of time and costs in the production of the SnoreFree app and do not want to play any advertising to our users, it is not possible to offer the full training for free.

If you wish to delete your SnoreFree account, please send us an e-mail to help@snorefree.com from the e-mail address you used to register with SnoreFree and we will immediately delete your account from our database. To further improve the SnoreFree app, we would be very happy if you would tell us the reason why you want to delete your account. Is there a problem that has not been solved or part of the app with which you’re not satisfied? 

Your subscription, if any, must be ended in the App or Play store.

If you wish to change your credentials, please send us your old and your new data for processing.

While we perform the transfer, all the data is moved to your new SnoreFree account and deleted in your original account. Please email us your consent to do so. Contact: help@snorefree.com

After the transfer has been carried out by us, register with your new user data.

Of course, you can use your SnoreFree subscription until the end of the paid billing period without restriction after you’ve canceled your subscription. After that you’ll be downgraded to the free trial version.

While you may download the SnoreFree app trial version for free and without obligation, we point out in the App Store that the unrestricted use of the SnoreFree app is subject to a charge.

We invest significant resources and costs in research, product design, engineering and the creation of content and we will continue to improve and expand the app based on customer feedback and feature requests.

If you are not satisfied with SnoreFree, we are very sorry that we could not fulfill your expectations. We would like to give you a direct refund, but the subscriptions and payments are not managed by us. Therefore, you will need to call Apple or Google Customer Support to request a refund.

You can only request a refund directly from Apple or Google by visiting their respective website and register with your Apple or Google ID with which you made the purchase. This is the only location where you can apply for a refund.

Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription!

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store
  2. Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
  3. Tap Menu Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

If you have a subscription with an app and the app gets removed from Google Play, your future subscription will be canceled. Your past subscriptions will not be refunded.

What happens after you cancel

When you cancel a subscription you’ll still be able to use your subscription for the time you’ve already paid.

For example, if you buy a one-year subscription on Jan. 1 for $10 and decide to cancel your subscription on July 1:

  • You’ll have access to the subscription until Dec. 31.
  • You won’t be charged another yearly subscription of $10 the following Jan.

If you purchased a subscription to the Service using an Apple device or iTunes, Apple requires that you cancel your subscription through the Apple App Store on your Apple device, or through iTunes on your computer. Any cancellation procedures and/or requirements will be governed by the relevant Apple App Store terms.

To cancel your SnoreFree subscription, please turn off the automatic renewal of your subscription through the Apple App Store or iTunes by following the instructions below. After the automatic renewal of your subscription is turned off, you will not be billed for any further subscription renewals, but you will continue to receive access to your subscription until your current subscription period to the Service expires.

To turn off the automatic renewal of your SnoreFree subscription on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), please follow the steps listed below. We recommend reviewing Apple’s help page for the most up to date instructions):

Unsubscribing from the App Store on your Apple device:

  1. From your device’s home screen select and open the App Store.
  2. Select Featured from the menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Apple ID.
  4. Select View Apple ID.
  5. Enter your password and press OK.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Manage” beneath the Subscriptions title. If you don’t have any app subscriptions this button will not be displayed.
  7. You’ll be taken to your App Subscriptions page. Select your SnoreFree subscription from the options.
  8. Tap On to toggle the switch to Off.
  9. You’ll receive a confirmation message. Select Turn Off to confirm your choice.

Or follow the Apple Guide with Screenshots:

At the conclusion of your snorefree subscription, the total amount for the selected license period will always be charged at once.

Your snorefree membership will be automatically renewed for the same period that you have previously subscribed to, unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the expiration of your current subscription or have disabled the automatic renewal.

The trial version is and will remain free until you place an order in the AppStore or PlayStore. For this purpose, it is sufficient to close the subscription purchase page and you’re ready to use the SnoreFree app for free and without obligation.

To activate your free trial, you need to complete the registration with snorefree (stating your e-mail address, your name and your password). If you did not complete this process, you will not be able to find snorefree under “Subscriptions” of your AppStore or PlayStore account. Of course, you will not be charged any fees.

If you get an error message “The account does not exist”, it means that the account is not registered in our database and therefore cannot be found. This is possibly due to a typo at the registration. If you have entered the correct e-mail address, please send us your e-mail address with which you have registered with SnoreFree to help@snorefree.com. We will be glad to help you activate your account.

Since the AppStore and Google Play are not linked together, this is not possible. Subscriptions, which were ordered on iOS, can only be used on iPhones, subscriptions for Android only on Android smartphones. Please contact help@snorefree.com.

Some training videos are permanently installed on your smartphone so that you can get started immediately after the download. They remain saved on your mobile until you uninstall the SnoreFree app. An exception exists for Huawei devices where, for legal reasons, all videos are streamed on first play. 

If you download all the training videos in the menu “MORE” under “Downloads” you can also do your snorefree workout in flight mode. However, you will need an Internet connection to listen to or view larger goodies for the first time. 

To guarantee the functionality of the timer and the smooth running of the exercises, the app remains active in the training mode, regardless of the standby time you have set on your smartphone.

Please note that in some circumstances a stable Internet connection for SnoreFree is required. If you open SnoreFree for the first time, you need a stable network to load and register the SnoreFree app. 

A stable Internet connection is also required if you want to play training videos or larger goodie files such as explanation videos, meditations or audio books for the first time. 

In the menu “MORE” under “Downloads” you can download the all the training videos at once. After that an Internet connection is not necessary to do your workout with SnoreFree and to listen to or view goodies previously opened. 

In fact, you only have to use a network connection to open the session for the first time, or after you have completed your daily training days to download your goodie. Otherwise, you can also train SnoreFree for days without network connection.

Sleep apnea is a critical medical condition. If you suspect breathing interruptions during sleep, please consult a physician immediately for medical treatment. 

Loud snorers reach up to 95 decibels – which equals a lawnmower in the bedroom. Answer the questions that you are asked at the beginning and between levels honestly and conscientiously. This helps us to personalize the algorithm to you and your needs, thus adjusting the ideal training program for you.

Many of the exercises you can do with utensils of the daily household use (such as wafer, cork, straw etc.). For other exercises, it is useful to obtain higher-quality utensils from a dental shop. Those who want to save time and money are advised to seek the original SnoreFree UtilityPack. It includes all utensils for all exercises, from the rubber rings up to the wooden spatula and wafers. This way you are perfectly prepared for workout for each day. Order your SnoreFree UtilityPack now.

The SnoreFree exercises are described in detail in the videos and in the explanatory text. Especially at the first two levels you should use a mirror for self-control while exercising. The SnoreFree workout is absolutely harmless, you cannot do anything wrong. If exercises are performed inaccurately, the training success may occur with a delay.

Of course, you can also do your SnoreFree workout with a stuffy nose. Your cold will probably affect the sound intensity of your snoring. A trained mouth and throat will help you sleep better despite a stuffy nose. Some of the exercises perhaps will be a little more difficult, such as to smell and all that which involve the nose. However, they can even help you to facilitate nasal breathing.

As with every muscle training, continuity and perseverance are key factors for success. Should you pause for two weeks at some pint in time, but have regularly been doing your lesson before and after, this is usually not a problem. If, when you begin to resume your training, one or another exercise is too difficult, just click on “next” and select an easier exercise.

Less Snoring means healthier sleep. In most cases this affects the entire organism. Initial training results are therefore often accompanied by increased vitality and increased well-being.

There is a large number of apps / devices for recording the snoring sounds. It is recommended to consult a sleep laboratory for exact determination or to install one of the many sleep tracker apps from different vendors on the smartphone.

Basically, the same applies to the throat as for any other muscle in the body: If I want to retain and maintain my fitness and physical performance over the long term, I have to do something about my physical condition again and again. Also, for the rest of my life. If I no longer exercise at all, I cannot expect to keep the same shape like an athlete.

SnoreFree is like a tool box, a basic set of exercises that gives you a certain basic fitness in the neck and muscular soft-tissue structure in the back of the throat that you can always rely on over the long term. You will not have to do the exercises every day at a later date, only when necessary. The exercises themselves should therefore serve you as entrance to regain your sensing ability and sensory body awareness in the affected area. 

It is not a matter of getting stuck on the individual exercises. Much more important is that you incorporate activity with your neck and muscular soft-tissue structure in the back of the throat area into your daily life. Where can you organically integrate individual exercises, especially those without requisites, into your daily routine?

e.g. sucking: Sucking is a very active activity for the throat and tongue base.

Example a): Sucking in spaghetti: someday when you eat spaghetti – maybe not in public in a restaurant but rather private in your home – try to pull some noodles in the mouth by sucking them in. Caution: Do not do the sucking in from the lungs, i.e. do not try to inhale or breath the noodle. Actually, suck in from the throat, the tongue base.

Example b): Drinking from the bottle: next time when you are drinking from a bottle, do not let the liquid passively flow into your mouth but try to drink in a sucking manner, i.e. completely enclose the bottle opening with your lips and take a sucking pull before each sip, actively sucking the liquid out of the bottle each time. Particularly well suited are sport mineral water bottles with a tight sport mouthpiece, due to the constriction you will have to expend much energy for sucking.

Using such everyday activities, you can apply the principles of our anti-snoring training in daily life.

We can imagine the effect of SnoreFree in 2 components:

1. At the hardware level: the muscle itself is trained and built in its material structure with the use of SnoreFree. The basic tone of the muscle increases, and, of course, this increased muscle tone remains during sleep. Moreover, a well-trained muscle is leaner, firmer, requires less space and thus protrudes less into the airway.

2. At the software level: SnoreFree is also a body awareness training. With the use of SnoreFree you’ll regain your sensing ability and sensory body awareness in the affected area of snoring origin. This sensory control also results in an increased “alertness” and self-regulation of the muscle in the subconsciousness during sleep so that it independently and autonomously increases the tone as soon as there is a tendency of weakening. 

Snoring is a very complex physiological event. People react differently as with other therapies. More than 80% of the patients of Dario Lindes recorded significant successes with his SnoreFree therapy in the last 12 years. 

The results differ from person to person. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 months in order to achieve a significant reduction of snoring. After this we recommend to do the your SnoreFree Workout 3-4 times a week for at least 10 minutes to maintain your success and to further increase it.

The SnoreFree therapy is a highly effective, logopedic therapy to strengthen the lip, tongue and muscular soft-tissue structure in the back of the throat. As with any other exercise programs, it takes usually about 3-4 weeks until the first progress becomes evident. Every muscle weakens again if you do not train it – your tissue in the mouth behaves similar. To ensure sustainable success, it is necessary to persevere for 2-3 months and subsequently to stay with it! 

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