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Keep your love alive despite snoring

A good advice: Before you start a new relationship, you should definitely sleep with the new partner for a few times – and with “sleep…

Featured / Tips & Tricks

10 snoring tricks we recommend to you

Don’t let snoring ruin your relationship or a good night’s sleep. Learn some effective remedies and new ways to get your sleep back. 1. Turn…

Tips & Tricks

Just as you make your bed, so you sleep in it.

Choosing the right bed is a complex matter. Our tips provide peace of mind. Back well-being:The firmness of the mattress and the shape of th…

Tips & Tricks

The eye sleeps too!

Beautiful dreams: A calm atmosphere and the right colours around the bed help our sleep quality. From invigorating to calming: the right col…

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How loud is snoring?

That’s how loud is snoring! Look it up in the Guinness Book of Records: over 111 decibels, which corresponds to the volume of a jet pl…

Tips & Tricks

Well and healthy sleep

What promotes restful sleep is a science in itself. We are happy to help with this collection of tips. No-go on the bedside table The smartp…

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