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How to deal with snorers, especially at Christmas

Next online consultation Monday, January 2, 2023. At Christmas we spend closer time with our families and also in the marriage bed. This mak…

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Choosing the correct sleep position

How do we sleep best, on the stomach (prone), on the back (supine), on the side? What is important when thinking of the proper sleeping posi…

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Don’t drink and sleep!

How do alcohol and pharmaceuticals affect your sleep? Everyone has made the experience that alcohol promotes and increases snoring – t…

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Owl or Lark?

🦉 Your free online consultation What kind of sleep type are you? Are you a night bird, like an owl? Or are you an early riser (and early sle…

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Letʾs talk about dreams.

Your next free online consultation: August 1, 2022, 8pm. “A dream itself is but a shadow.”Hamlet – Shakespeare Sweet dreams are made o…