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Just as you make your bed, so you sleep in it.

Choosing the right bed is a complex matter. Our tips provide peace of mind.

Back well-being:
The firmness of the mattress and the shape of the headrest must be adapted to your lying position and support the natural S-shape of the spine.

Mature testing:
When buying, always lie on a test bed and get detailed advice. The traditional Leonding-based company “Betten Reiter”, for example, offers the possibility of determining the orthopaedically recommended support profile of the mattress for one’s own physique using a lying orthonometer.

Please Bio:
If you want to be on the safe side, bedding is metal-free and sustainable. Use natural materials, mattresses from natural latex, coconut fibre and cotton.

Enchanting Swiss stone pine:
Sleeping furniture made of Swiss stone pine has a long tradition in the Alpine region. The resinous scent also has an effect in the form of a stabilised circulation and makes it easier to fall asleep. Sleep experts also recommend the Swiss stone pine pillow, which provides us with intensive relaxation.

Underwear as a feel-good factor:
When choosing the right bed linen, pay attention not only to colour and material, but also to the different qualities. Cotton fibres are used to make fabrics in jersey, renforcé, satin or seersucker quality. Organic linen is rightly a long-running favourite. Silk cools, but does not absorb so well – as is well known, you sweat at night too.

September 14, 2019

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