Your free online consultation

Due to numerous requests, SnoreFree offers now the opportunity to consult the inventor of the SnoreFree method Dario Lindes, live and FREE of charge for an online consultation.


We offer the consultation via Internet video telephony to provide it globally and  it can also happen safe and with distance in this times of the “new normal”.

Dario Lindes will answer via Google Meet all your questions about snoring, therapy and avoidance, healthy sleep and sleep hygiene, as well as general topics from speech therapy such as speech, voice, swallowing, jaw joint and tinnitus issues. Read Dario’s answers to common questions here.

Your questions – Dario’s answers to the topics: 

  • Root causes of snoring and the anatomical reasons.
  • Explanation of the SnoreFree method.
  • Clarifications and common mistakes of the SnoreFree exercises. 
  • Sleep hygiene and sleep disorders prophylaxis.
  • How to get and preserve healthy and restful sleep.
  • What is speech therapy? 
  • Speech and language disorders.
  • Swallowing and voice disorders.
  • Prevention of respiratory infections in the ENT tract.
  • Jaw relaxation against tinnitus and headache.
  • Eye relaxation and facial tension.

Next Date: Sunday, Mai 8, 2022

🇬🇧 UK ENGLISH – EU: 7 p.m. local time, BST 

🇩🇪  DE GERMAN: 19:00, MEZ

🇺🇸  US ENGLISH – USA/CAN: 7 p.m. local time, CDT

🇦🇺  AU ENGLISH – AUS/NZ: 7 p.m. local time,  AEST

Join the online consultation via Google Meet here:


Dial-up (sound only): (AT) +43 1 22781111 PIN: 544 863 206#

Data protection: This online consultation hour and all participants will not be recorded, no data will be preserved by SnoreFree without any consent.

Dario Lindes
Speech therapist (SLP), voice coach, snoring expert, inventor of the SnoreFree method and co-founder of the SnoreFree app.

If you want to ask some specific questions in advance or book an indivual face-to-face appointment with Dario, please write him a personal e-mail:

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Introduction, instruction and training of the SnoreFree method – find more information here.