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New update is out!

SnoreFree can be downloaded for free and offers 4 exercises free of charge.

Since some of the exercises shown require various utensils, SnoreFree offers all necessary exercise items in a utility pack. This contains various items such as corks, balloons or straws, which are usually quickly at hand, others such as various hoses are more expensive to obtain. The SnoreFree UtilityPack can be purchased at

“Especially now, when you are constantly together with your partner, snoring can become an unpleasant topic of dispute”, says Sigismund, founder and CEO of SnoreFree. “With our app we successfully fight the causes of snoring with exercises that strengthen the throat muscles and are easy to imitate. For all who want to convince themselves we offer 6 exercises for free in the app. The new version SnoreFree is available now and offers a simpler onboarding process, many new exercises, valuable tips and a refined algorithm for an even better personalization of training plans”.

March 9, 2020

Everyone knows someone who snores

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