SnoreFree App


Love this App. After evaluating apps teaching oral exercises to reduce snoring, I settled on SnoreFree because I felt having Video instructions (with humans rather than only animations/pictures) would best help me learn. Best. Decision. While I saw results after 2 weeks, I reserved my review until now – 1 month of daily of use – for accurate review. My snoring has decreased markedly – from 30 minutes down to 0-2 minutes each night. My brain and body now wake refreshed.The Video and Written Instructions are simple and clear. The female demonstrators proficient. And stunningly beautiful 🙂 I like how this App can personalise to our abilities and progress. Support for feedback and suggestions have been quick, receptive, & warm. Thank you Dario, SG, and your Team for gifting this useful app to the world. This App’s easily become part of my daily routine 🙂 Now … time to get great sleep!

January 19, 2021

Everyone knows someone who snores

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