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Will I have to do these exercises until the end of my days?

Basically, the same applies to the throat as for any other muscle in the body: If I want to retain and maintain my fitness and physical performance over the long term, I have to do something about my physical condition again and again. Also, for the rest of my life. If I no longer exercise at all, I cannot expect to keep the same shape like an athlete.

SnoreFree is like a tool box, a basic set of exercises that gives you a certain basic fitness in the neck and muscular soft-tissue structure in the back of the throat that you can always rely on over the long term. You will not have to do the exercises every day at a later date, only when necessary. The exercises themselves should therefore serve you as entrance to regain your sensing ability and sensory body awareness in the affected area. 

It is not a matter of getting stuck on the individual exercises. Much more important is that you incorporate activity with your neck and muscular soft-tissue structure in the back of the throat area into your daily life. Where can you organically integrate individual exercises, especially those without requisites, into your daily routine?

e.g. sucking: Sucking is a very active activity for the throat and tongue base.

Example a): Sucking in spaghetti: someday when you eat spaghetti – maybe not in public in a restaurant but rather private in your home – try to pull some noodles in the mouth by sucking them in. Caution: Do not do the sucking in from the lungs, i.e. do not try to inhale or breath the noodle. Actually, suck in from the throat, the tongue base.

Example b): Drinking from the bottle: next time when you are drinking from a bottle, do not let the liquid passively flow into your mouth but try to drink in a sucking manner, i.e. completely enclose the bottle opening with your lips and take a sucking pull before each sip, actively sucking the liquid out of the bottle each time. Particularly well suited are sport mineral water bottles with a tight sport mouthpiece, due to the constriction you will have to expend much energy for sucking.

Using such everyday activities, you can apply the principles of our anti-snoring training in daily life.

April 16, 2020