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I train during the day not to snore at night – how does this work?

We can imagine the effect of SnoreFree in 2 components:

1. At the hardware level: the muscle itself is trained and built in its material structure with the use of SnoreFree. The basic tone of the muscle increases, and, of course, this increased muscle tone remains during sleep. Moreover, a well-trained muscle is leaner, firmer, requires less space and thus protrudes less into the airway.

2. At the software level: SnoreFree is also a body awareness training. With the use of SnoreFree you’ll regain your sensing ability and sensory body awareness in the affected area of snoring origin. This sensory control also results in an increased “alertness” and self-regulation of the muscle in the subconsciousness during sleep so that it independently and autonomously increases the tone as soon as there is a tendency of weakening. 

April 16, 2020

Everyone knows someone who snores

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