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Do I need an Internet connection?

Please note that in some circumstances a stable Internet connection for SnoreFree is required. If you open SnoreFree for the first time, you need a stable network to load and register the SnoreFree app. 

A stable Internet connection is also required if you want to play training videos or larger goodie files such as explanation videos, meditations or audio books for the first time. 

In the menu “MORE” under “Downloads” you can download the all the training videos at once. After that an Internet connection is not necessary to do your workout with SnoreFree and to listen to or view goodies previously opened. 

In fact, you only have to use a network connection to open the session for the first time, or after you have completed your daily training days to download your goodie. Otherwise, you can also train SnoreFree for days without network connection.

April 16, 2020

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