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Stop Snoring with Training
10 Minutes is all you need
The SnoreFree® Therapy tackles your snoring at its root cause, improves your articulation and helps boosting your immune system by providing a good sleep.

Sleep better. Live better.

The Snore Free Therapy

  • The very efficient SnoreFree method was invented by Vienna based speech therapist & anti-snoring specialist Dario Lindes. He developed his special method in over 13 years of his therapeutic practice. Like a voice training for singers & speakers it targets the muscles in the mouth & throat area.
  • In more than 80% of our users, a clear improvement in sleep quality and a significant reduction in snoring noises can be observed after just a few weeks.
  • Deep and recreational sleep is an important factor for better quality of life, more productivity and vitality by day and, last but not least, more harmony in your bedroom.

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