Logopäde Dario Lindes, Erfinder der snorefree Methode.


The SnoreFree® method

The SnoreFree method is a unique training program developed by Viennese speech therapist Dario Lindes and has been successfully practiced for more than 12 years.

In more than 80% of the patients, a marked improvement in the quality of sleep as well as a significant reduction in snoring noises can be observed after only a few weeks.

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The muscular tissue weakness in the inner throat and pharynx, which causes the soft tissues to collapse during sleep and thereby obstructs the flow of breath, is specifically strengthened by the SnoreFree method, as in voice training for singers and speakers.

The root causes of snoring

With only 10 minutes daily training

snoring can be significantly reduced and the quality of sleep can be noticeably improved. Like a fitness training, SnoreFree strengthens the muscle build-up specifically with sensory and motor exercises for mouth and throat.

Because deep and healthy sleep is an important factor for a better quality of life, better productivity and performance in everyday life, and last but not least, for harmony in the bedroom.

How snoring affects everyday life