Dashboard with daily training

The daily exercise overview is the heart of the app. A single screen as a starting point for the personal training program.


Every journey consists of many steps.

In the overview “My Journey” you can see all the important informations and incentives of the SnoreFree method. After each workout, the progress of the training, the completed exercises, as well as the personal level of difficulty and statistics for the respective level are displayed.



With the successful completion of each phase the user receives additional video and audio contents for deepening the learning & for motivation.


Training instead of having surgery

SnoreFree is a digital buddy with a personalized anti-snoring workout. For healthy sleep and productive days. Short daily training with the SnoreFree App significantly reduces snoring and noticeably improves the quality of sleep.


Sleep better meditations

Our App includes a series of guided audio meditations exclusively produced for SnoreFree by mindful Artists.

Highly effective anti-snore training based on simple speech therapy exercises.

The muscular tissue weakness in the inner throat and pharynx, which causes the soft tissues to collapse during sleep and thereby obstructs the flow of breath, is specifically strengthened by the SnoreFree method, as in voice training for singers and speakers.