Snore Free GmbH

CEO Sigismund Gänger

Mittersteig 9/5
1040 Vienna – Austria

FN 489833 v
Vienna Commercial Court
+43 676 5236465

Purpose of the snorefree app

The snorefree app contains a myofunctional oropharyngeal muscle training from the field of speech therapy. The training serves to strengthen and tighten the tissue structure in the mouth, neck and throat area so that it remains stable during sleep and does not collapse and thus does not protrude into the respiratory canal. Experience shows that this helps the breathing quality during sleep (air inflow, breathing circulation) and consequently promotes the overall physical well-being.

The snorefree app is the digital implementation of Dario Linde’s specially developed logopaedic anti-snoring therapy and treats snoring and nocturnal airway obstructions in their basic cause: the muscular tissue weakness in the throat and inner neck. The snorefree app contains 49 videos with logopedic exercises. The individual workout program is divided into four 4 levels. snorefree’s own algorithm creates a personalized training plan for each user through a feedback loop every day, consisting of a sample of 3-4 exercises.

In addition, medical information about anatomy and physiology of the ENT tract, tips and tricks about sleep as well as meditations and audio instructions for relaxation and as an aid to falling asleep are provided.


Snorefree is not a medical service, it does not make a diagnosis and does not replace the need to see a doctor or any other medical treatment intervention. For further diagnostic or therapeutic needs, please always consult your physician and follow his instructions. Discuss the ongoing use of snorefree and all indications with your treating physician.

The goal of snorefree is to develop healthy habits by exercising regularly and monitoring your progress. Information provided by snorefree may only be used for leisure and educational purposes.

snorefree is not liable for personal injury or damage to health that is or has been caused directly or indirectly by incorrect, non-dedicated and improper use or by failure to take necessary medical aid and urgent treatment.