How to Level Up?

To level up you have to rate each exercise.

Can I make full and free use of snorefree?

You can use the snorefree app completely free of charge and without obligation (but only limited). For

How do I delete my snorefree account?

If you wish to delete your snorefree account, please send us an e-mail to from the e-mail address

How can I change my login information?

If you wish to change your credentials, please send us your old and your new

Can I continue to use snorefree if I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can use your snorefree subscription until the end of the paid billing period without

Do I have to pay for snorefree?

While you may download the snorefree app trial version for free and without obligation, we point out

How can I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with snorefree, we are very sorry that we could not fulfill

How to cancel a subscription on Google Play?

Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription! On your Android phone or tablet, open

How can I cancel my subscription on App Store?

If you purchased a subscription to the Service using an Apple device or iTunes, Apple

Do I pay the subscription monthly or the total in full in advance?

At the conclusion of your snorefree subscription, the total amount for the selected license period will always

With what can I replace the pudding for my exercises?

You can use a finely pureed smoothie instead of the pudding, or even use baby

What happens at the end of my subscription period?

Your snorefree membership will be automatically renewed for the same period that you have previously subscribed to,

What happens at the end of a free trial?

The trial version is and will remain free until you place an order in the

Did I activate a free trial when I merely opened the app or completed the on-boarding?

To activate your free trial, you need to complete the registration with snorefree (stating your e-mail address,

What to do if I get an error message “The account does not exist!”?

If you get an error message “The account does not exist”, it means that the

Can I use my snorefree account platform independent and switch between iOS and Android?

Since the AppStore and Google Play are not linked together, this is not possible. Subscriptions,

Why can’t I download or delete some training videos?

Some training videos are permanently installed on your smartphone so that you can get started

Does the app function in flight mode?

If you download all the training videos in the menu “MORE” under “Downloads” you can

Does the app function with the screen is locked?

To guarantee the functionality of the timer and the smooth running of the exercises, the

Do I need an Internet connection?

Please note that in some circumstances a stable Internet connection for snorefree is required. If you open snorefree for

Does snorefree treat sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a critical medical condition. If you suspect breathing interruptions during sleep, please

Are there any special exercises for loud snorers?

Loud snorers reach up to 95 decibels – which equals a lawnmower in the bedroom.

Where can I find the necessary accessories such as wooden spatula, thin suction hose?

Many of the exercises you can do with utensils of the daily household use (such

How can I tell that I am doing the exercises correctly?

The snorefree exercises are described in detail in the videos and in the explanatory text. Especially at

Can I beneficially train while suffering from a cold or a stuffy nose?

Of course, you can also do your snorefree workout with a stuffy nose. Your cold will probably

What if I have to pause for two weeks, do I have to go back to the beginning?

As with every muscle training, continuity and perseverance are key factors for success. Should you

How can I tell my training results and how do I track my snoring?

Less Snoring means healthier sleep. In most cases this affects the entire organism. Initial training

Will I have to do these exercises until the end of my days?

Basically, the same applies to the throat as for any other muscle in the body:

I train during the day not to snore at night – how does this work?

We can imagine the effect of snorefree in 2 components: 1. At the hardware level: the muscle

Does snorefree work for everyone?

Snoring is a very complex physiological event. People react differently as with other therapies. More

How often and for how long should I exercise the snorefree program?

The results differ from person to person. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 months in

How long do I have to exercise with snorefree to reduce my snoring?

The snorefree therapy is a highly effective, logopedic therapy to strengthen the lip, tongue and